ASET Level 3 Gentle Touch Aromatherapy (HOLISTIC MASSAGE)


When used in massage, the combination of essential oils has the ability to interact directly with the bodys chemistry, which in turn affects certain organs or systems as a whole.

The oils are absorbed into the blood stream via the skin, are transported throughout the body and become a very effective and powerful healing tool for the practitioner.

The syllabus for the Body Massage Course includes:

       The history of massage and the use of essential oils

       A brief overview of the systems of the body

       How essential oils work

       How to blend

       Stress and its causes

       Massage techniques

       Massage routines for the whole body

       Massage for special needs

       Case studies 4 clients


The certificate received will be:

Body Massage Certificate from the Centre for Oriental Studies

ASET level 3 Aromatherapy Gentle touch Diploma


Complementary Health courses with ASET qualification.

These courses are designed to offer a professional qualification to a high standard. They consist of practical work, home study and case studies.

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To apply for this course, please contact our head office on  965 326 082.