ASET Level 3 Sports Massage


Many body masseurs are now applying their skill and techniques into the sporting arena with great success.

This type of treatment is finding a niche market in health and fitness facilities,

And many therapists are offering this service both as part of their employment and on a freelance basis. This course is designed to enable bodywork therapists (some prior knowledge is required) to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the specific needs of sports participants in preparation for and from activity.

The syllabus for ASET level 3 Sports Massage will include:


       Basic massage techniques

       Specific movement for massage

       Contra-indications for massage

       Massage of the knee

       Massage of the leg

       Massage of the arm, elbow and wrist

       Massage of the neck and shoulders

       Massage of the back and buttocks area

       Massage of the chest and abdomen

       Advertising your services.


Qualifications gained on completion are:

ASET level 3 Sports Massage Diploma

Sports Massage Certificate from the Centre for Oriental Studies.

Sports Massage Diploma.


Complementary Health courses with ASET qualification.

These courses are designed to offer a professional qualification to a high standard. They consist of practical work, home study and case studies.

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To apply for this course, please contact our head office on  965 326 082.